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TurkStream Natural Gas Pipeline

FMS Group has been working in Samsun, as the Turkish operation base of this gigantic project, has been operating in Istanbul, Karasu, and Sinop from time to time for the entire project fleet, especially the world's largest construction vessel M/V Pioneering Spirit, and has fully fulfilled its agency and logistics services.

TurkStream Natural Gas PipelineTurkStream offshore pipeline is a Natural Gas Pipeline Project that starts from the Anapa coast in Russia and proceeds along a 930 km line, reaching a depth of 2,200 m under the Black Sea, and reaches Turkey on the Thrace coast. TurkStream is a project that pushes the technical limits of the sector forward, as the first pipeline system with a diameter of 81 cm to be laid at a depth of more than 2 kilometers. Offshore pipelines consist of thousands of pipe sections, each 12 meters long.