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Customs Services

 We Provide Custom File Creation Service As Free.

Import Operations
Export Operations
Transit Trade Operations
Customs Service For Personal Belongings
Custom Services For The Personel Belongings To Or From Turkey.
Transportation Services :
Custom Services For The Citizens , Who Has Certain Return To Turkey.
Sea,air And Land Transportation
Warehousing providing And Tracking Special Permissions
hs Code Identification
Insurance Services
Banking Transactions
Domestic Transportation And Warehousing Organisation
International Transportation And Warehousing Organisation
certificate Of Circulation And Certificate Of Origin Rule
determination Of Origin
custom Tariff And Financial Obligations Calculation
free Circulation Regime Rule
export Regime Rule
transit Procedure Rule
free Zone’s Rule
Inward Processing Regime Rule
Outward Processing Regime Rule
temporary Export Regime Rule
Custom Warehousing Regime Rule
Foreign Trade Standardization Rule

Necessary Documents To Represent You
To Be Your Solution Partner, To Follow The Process In Public Institutions And Organizations And To Have A Folder For You In Custom, These Documents Should Be Send To Us.

  • Letter Of Attorney (Notarized)
  • Trade Registry Gazette (Original Or Notarial Document)
  • Chamber Of Commerce Registration (Original Or Notarial Document)
  • List Of Authorised Signatures
  • Certified Copy Of An Id(Valid In Tr) From An Authorised Person(Notarized)
  • Copy Of Capacity Report
  • Certificate Of Residence (Original Or Notarial Document)


Identifying The Customs Tariff Statistical Positions Correctly.
Singing Up The Customer  To Exporter Union, Preparing The Necessary Documets Under The Export Legislation.
After Completing All The Documents, By Preparing The Declaration Completing Registration And Approval In The Custom, Examination And Determination Of The Cargo, Finally Loading The Cargo Under Tally-clerks Surveillance
Due To The Customers Request, Handing Over The Documents With The Cargo To The Carrier.
Completing The Declaration After The Cargo Left The Country.
Handing Over The “exporter Copy” To The Customer As Soon As Possible.
Completing The Export Process In The Same Day.

Document Required For Exportation
  • Exporter Information Form
  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Documents Prepared On A County Basis
  • Atr Movement Certificate
  • Eur1 Movement Certificate
  • Certificate Of Origin

To Complete The Import At The Right Time Making Necessary Researches About Legislation Process Before The Cargo Arrives.

Getting The Declaration From The Carrier.

To Determine The Suitability Of The Goods If They Wish To Register Before The Custom Declaration.
To Determine The Statistical Positions Of The Customs Tariff.
To Calculate Customs Duties And Taxes Correctly.
To Examine The Good Which Customs Registration And Approval Procedures Have Been Completed.
Making Sure Of The Complaints Of Completion Of The Accrual Process Or Pay It In Advance.
The Customs Clearance Process Is Carried Out Under The Supervision Of The Tally-clerk To Ensure That The Good Will Be Transported To The Point Where The Customer Desires.
Closing And Making Guarantee Solutions Within The Scope Of Declaration.
Delivering The Receipts And  Other Expenditure Documents For Declaration In The Shortest Time Possible.

Required Documents For Importation Process.
File-based Documents Are Listed In Below.
Delivery Order (Will Be Provided By Carrier.)
Commercial Invoice (Will Be Provided By The Carrier ; Type, Quantity, Price, “fob-cif-diğer????”, Hss Code, Gross And Net Weight )
Atr Or Eur 1 Document Will Be Provided By The Sender With The Good. ( Depends On The Country Which Is Send.)
Packing List Will Be Sent By Sender.
Insurance Policy (Must Be Provided Before The Good Has Been Sent)
Proforma Invoice (Will Be Provided By Sender With The Good Or Before It Arrives, Depends On The Good)
Incentive Certificate (If Any)
Import Permit Document For The Good From The Relevant Ministry Or The Undersecretariat.

Customs Services